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The Story of Grassland Greens

Setting down roots in Saskatoon 2.5 years ago, after working in international development in Rwanda for 10 years, I came to the idea of growing microgreens. Transitioning from a warm climate, where crops grow year round, to a cold climate where, for a good portion of the year, crops are mostly imported, presented an opportunity for me. I began to research what could be grown locally, as local food production benefits our community's economy and job market while reducing our carbon footprint and food waste.

With nutritional health moving to the forefront of our minds, quality, fresh microgreens available year-round, packs a vitamin and nutrient-rich punch to our diet. Alongside a full life with four kids, my partner and I enjoy savouring the variety and convenience of microgreens we produce, the flexibility of having a Microgreens "urban farmstead", and look forward to sharing our produce with you! 

My background of 20 years in horticulture has fed my passion for working with plants and people! With experience producing a wide range of crops, greenhouse management, ten years of project oversight and a good dose of energy backing me, I am excited to expand this business. 

Richard Jelsma 

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